About me (way too much info…)

I was born in the beautiful Eternal City, Rome, Italy on the 30th of January 1978. My father is Italian and my mother is Irish but I do not like wine, espresso or beer. However, I am allowed to keep both citizenships because of my fondness for pasta and big fry-ups. The same is true for my sister Fíona who’s a doctor in Dublin. I’d better like physics and science given what I do. I also like computers, photography and cooking. Music, philately and a nice passeggiata after dinner are also among my favourite things.
My whole schooling, from kindergarten to baccalauréat, took place at the Lycée Chateaubriand, the French school in Rome. After highschool I went to live in Dublin, Ireland where I studied Science at University College Dublin and obtained a Joint Honours degree in Chemistry and Experimental Physics. After a year of research with Prof. Kenneth A. Dawson I came over to Emory University to study for a PhD in Physics. Specifically I am interested in Soft Matter and am currently working with Prof. Eric R. Weeks.

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